UV100N Handheld UV Meter

Handy UV spectroradiometer UV100N 

  • Measures spectral irradiance between 250 and 430 nm
  • The light receiving part and the display part is connected with a 2m fiber
  • 4.3-inch touch panel
  • Save in Excel format to a MicroSD card
  • 2.5 hours of use on a full charge


within 48 hrs after confirmed payment.


3 years full product warranty.


1 free UPRTEK Lighting Handbook.


One free calibration during guarantee periode


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UV100N Handheld UV Meter

Looking for precise UV measurements? Introducing the UV100N Handheld UV Meter by Uprtek. This advanced handheld spectrometer puts control over your UV exposure in your hands. Stay informed about UV levels wherever you go with accurate readings from Uprtek’s innovative device. Take control of your UV exposure today! Order now and experience peace of mind.

UV100N Handheld UV Spectrometer


Sensor CMOS Linear Image Sensor

Wavelength Range

250 to 430 nm

Wavelength Data Increment

1 nm

Wavelength Data Increment 1 nm 

Spectral Bandwidth

Approximately 1nm (Half Bandwidth)

Wavelength Reproducibility

± 0.8 nm

Measurement Range

UVA*1,4 : 315 to 430nm / 0.25 to 500 mW/cm2

UVB*2,4 : 280 to 315nm / 0.3 to 200 mW/cm2

UVC*3,4: 250 to 280 nm / 0.2 to 300 mW/cm2


± 5% (10 to 500 mW/cm2)

± 10% (0.2 to 10 mW/cm2)

Stray Light

-25 dB max. *5

Integration Time Range

1 ms to 2,000 ms

Digital Resolution

16 bits


Capture Function

One time / Continuous

Operation Mode


Integration Mode

Auto / Manual

Measuring Modes

1. Basic Mode

2. Spectrum Mode

3. Logging Mode

4. Browser Mode

5. Option Mode

Measuring Capabilities

1. Spectral Irradiance (mW/m2, mW/cm2)

2. Joul (mJ/ cm2)

3. Peak Wavelength (λp)

4. Peak Wavelength Value (λpV)

5. Integration Time (I-Time)

6. UVA Peak Wavelength (λa-p)

7. UVA Peak Wavelength Value (λa-v)

8. UVB Peak Wavelength (λb-p)

9. UVB Peak Wavelength Value (λb-v)

10. UVC Peak Wavelength (λc-p)

11. UVC Peak Wavelength Value (λc-v)

System Configurations

Display 4.3″ 800×480 Capacitive Touch LCD

Max. Files

≒ 68,000 Files @ 8GB SD Card(Excel)

Battery Operation Time

≦ 3 hours / Fully Charged


 5 hours / Fully Charged

Data Output Interface

MicroSD Card(SD2.0,SDHC / up to 32G)

Data Format

Compatible Excel

Operating Temperature / Humidity

5 to 35 °C, relative humidity 70% or less without condensation

Storage Temperature / Humidity

-10 to 40 °C, relative humidity 70% or less without condensation

*1Input source must be a stable light source.
Temperature 23±2 and relative humidity 50% or less.
Input the 550nm monochromatic light and measure the stray light ratio at 550nm ± 40nm.
It can be connected to mobile phones and tablets.
MSC- Mass Storage Class.
*6:   Only sensor, not the whole body

The company reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without prior notice.

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