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“Your Personal Gateway to Light Expertise in Horticulture!”

Have you ever questioned who stands behind the PG200n Light Spectrometer?
Well, it’s you! This essential tool is primarily designed for scientists, researchers, universities and indoor farmers in the horticultural sector. It caters to those deeply involved in light and quality measurements for optimal plant growth and development, focusing on key factors like PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density), Micro moles, and the intricacies of photosynthesis.

Why should you introduce the PG200n into your agricultural space?
Imagine being able to conduct precise, laboratory-grade light measurements directly and then effortlessly analyze, store, and share them with the global community of indoor farmers and researchers. That’s precisely what you need and can expect from this cutting-edge device, specifically designed to enhance photosynthesis processes.

What makes the PG200n so distinctive?
It’s more than just a spectrometer; it’s our premier model tailored for horticulture and agriculture. With a substantial display, an intuitive user interface, formidable computing power, and the ability to perform measurements stand-alone and on the fly, this spectrometer becomes the bridge between intricate scientific knowledge and practical daily use. The PG200n empowers every horticulture enthusiast to become a true light expert, delving into the nuances of PAR, PPFD, and micro moles and the critical role they play in fostering optimal plant growth.

What sets the PG200n apart from the competition?
Here’s what truly stands out! The PG200n features a waterproof ( IP66 ) sensorhead allowing you to effortlessly analyze and evaluate any light source vital for plant cultivation in any climate condition. The PG200n is equipped with the latest firmware and offers a variety of calculations including reference spectra – Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B, Beta-carotene, Phytochrome A red, Phytochrome A far red. This is your opportunity to access the most advanced technology, not only to measure light but to comprehensively understand its impact on photosynthesis and plant growth.

The PG200n is more than an instrument; it encapsulates a TON of advanced technology in just 300 grams. Moreover, it serves as your gateway to a realm of light expertise, whether you’re a seasoned professional or deeply passionate about lighting in the context of horticulture.

What are you waiting for? Inquire about our latest offers and explore the PG200n this week!

Basic Functionalities

  • PPFD | Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density: Quantify the amount of light available for photosynthesis.
  • PFD | Photon Flux Density: Measure the number of photons emitted by a light source.
  • PAR | Photosynthetically Active Radiation: Range from 1 to 3,000 μmol/(m2*s) for optimal plant growth conditions.
  • CCT | Correlated Color Temperature: Understand the color temperature of light sources.
  • LUX | Luminance: Assess the brightness of light in various settings.
  • Spectrum Graph and Numerical Data: Visualize and quantify spectral data for a comprehensive understanding of light composition.
  • User-Friendly Interface: 4.3″ 800×480 Capacitive Touch LCD: Enjoy a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution touch screen for intuitive navigation.
  • Convenient Data Output Options: Save and export data conveniently with a MicroSD card, USB Type C, and Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 compatibility. Compatible with iOS and Android for seamless data transfer.

Advanced Features

  • Wavelength Range: Covering 350 NM to 800 NM, providing an extensive spectrum for thorough spectral analysis.
  • Waterproof Level: Achieves an impressive IP66 rating, ensuring durability and protection against water ingress.
  • PPFD Reference Spectrum: Assess plant health with reference spectra including Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B, Beta-carotene, Phytochrome A red, and Phytochrome A far red.
  • PPFD Advance: Utilize advanced PPFD measurements across various spectral ranges:
    • PPFD – (400nm~700nm)
    • PFD-R (600nm~700nm)
    • PFD-G (500nm~600nm)
    • PFD-B (400nm~500nm)
    • PFD- (380nm~780nm)
    • PFD-UV (350nm~400nm)
    • PFD-FR (700nm~800nm)
    • PFD-B:G Ratio (400~500nm:500~600nm)
    • PFD-R:FR Ratio (600~700nm:700~800nm)
  • Phytochrome Photostationary State (PSS): Monitor plant response by evaluating the photostationary state of phytochrome.
  • Measuring in Grid: Achieve precise measurements with the ability to measure in a grid pattern for detailed analysis.
  • Compare Side by Side: Conveniently compare measurements side by side for quick and effective analysis.
  • Built-in G Sensor: Digital spirit level for sensor alignment.
  • More than 40 Data Points in One Measurement: an extensive range of data points with a single measurement, providing in-depth insights.
  • Laboratory Software Integration: Utilize uSpectrum analysis and reporting software.
  • Mobile APP: iOS and Android remote-controlled measuring application for seamless functionality.

Customer and Product Services

  • 3-Year Factory Warranty: Enjoy a full three-year factory warranty on your MK350S Premium Spectrometer.
  • Factory Calibrated with a NIST traceable certificate: High-standard calibration with NIST traceable certificates
  • Free Recalibration: free 1st recalibration services within the warranty period, maintaining accuracy and reliability.
  • Quick Availability: Benefit from direct stock availability ( within 48 hours ) in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access 24/7 technical support, personal product and software training by phone, and free educational handbooks (PDF)
  • FREE Firmware and Software Updates: Ensure your spectrometer and lab software are up to date with the latest standards and regulations.


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PG200N Handheld Spectral PAR Meter

Embark on a journey of precise light measurements with the PG200N Handheld Spectral PAR Meter by UPRtek. Ensure your plants receive optimal light anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait—measure now with one of the finest handheld spectrometers available on the market.


Sensor CMOS Linear Image Sensor
Illuminance meter class Directional response conforms to JIS C 1609-1:2006 for General Class AA.
Directional response conforms to DIN 5032 Part 7 Class B.
Wavelength Range 350nm to 800 nm
Wavelength Data Increment 1 nm 
Spectral Bandwidth Approximately 9 nm (Half Bandwidth)
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 1 nm *1
Measurement Range 1. 70 ~ 150,000 lx
2. 0.5~1,000 W/m2 (Irradiance)
3. 1~3,000  µmol/(m
2*s) (PPFD)
Illuminance Accuracy Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx *2 ± 5%
Illuminance Repeatability (2σ) 0,2%
Color Accuracy ± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y
Color Repeatability (2σ) 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y
CCT Accuracy ± 2%
CRI Accuracy @ Ra ± 1.5%
Stray Light -25 dB max. *3
Integration Time Range 100 us to 1,000 ms
Digital Resolution 16 bits 


Capture Function One time/Continuous
Dark Mode Auto Dark
Operation Mode Standalone Mode / Bluetooth Mode*4 USB Mode (MSC Mode *5+ PC connection)
Integration Mode Auto/Manual
G sensor mode Axial Displacement (x,y)

Measuring Modes

PPFD Spectrum Mode
(Including reference spectrum – Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B, Beta-carotene, Phytochrome A red, Phytochrome A far red)
Basic Mode
Spectrum Mode
CIE 1931/1976 Chromaticity Coordinates
Logging Mode
Browser Mode
Grid Mode
Compare Mode
Option Mode

Measuring Capabilities

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) (µmol/(m2*s))
PPFD (400nm~700nm)
PFD-R (600nm~700nm)
PFD-G (500nm~600nm)
PFD-B (400nm~500nm)
PFD (350nm~800nm)
PFD-UV (350nm~400nm)
PFD-FR (700 – 800nm)
PFD-B:G Ratio (400-500nm:500-600nm)
PFD-R:FR Ratio (600-700nm:700-800nm)
Illuminance (LUX)/Foot Candle (fc)
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
CIE Chromaticity Coordinates (CIE 1931 x,y  / CIE 1976 u’,v’)
x, y, u’ , v’
Delta UV (Duv)
Dominant Wavelength (λd)
Excitation Purity
Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra)/R1 to R15
Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) (mW/m2)
Peak Wavelength (λp)
Peak Wavelength Value (λpV)
Integration Time (I-Time)
Irradiance (350nm~800nm) (W/m2)
PSS (Phytochrome Photostationary State)

System Configurations

Display 4.3″ 800×480 Capacitive Touch LCD
Waterproof level IP66*6
Max. Files  68,000 Files @ 8GB SD Card (Excel + JPG)
Battery Operation Time  5 hours / Fully Charged
Power Adapter; 3200 mAh (3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)
Data Output Interface Micro SD Card (SD 2.0, SDHC/up to 32G) / Type C / Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 compatible with iOS and Android
Data Format Compatible Excel/JPG
Dimensions 190 x 81.7 x 29.5 mm (H x W x D)
Weight (with Battery) 280 g ± 10 g
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0 to 35 , relative humidity 70% or less without condensation
Storage Temperature/Humidity -10 to 40 , relative humidity 70% or less without condensation
Display languages English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/German/French/Italian/Russian
Display languages English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/German/French/Italian/Russian
Cosine Correction
*1Input source must be a stable light source.
Temperature 23±2 and relative humidity 50% or less.
Input the 550nm monochromatic light and measure the stray light ratio at 550nm ± 40nm.
It can be connected to mobile phones and tablets.
MSC- Mass Storage Class.
*6:  Only sensor, not the whole body

The company reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without prior notice.

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